Nanopore Reader (new!)

The new Nanopore Reader is a compact, portable read-out device with miniaturized flow cell for low noise recordings of solid state nanopores.

The nanopore flow cell measure only 15x25x8 mm, it integrates the Ag/AgCl electrodes, the nanopore slot and two compartments for fluids.

5×5 mm squared or 3 mm round nanopore chip can be hosted into the flow cell.


  • Open input (RMS) noise: 150 fA rms @ 1kHz – 500 fA rms @ 10 kHz – 4 pA rms @ 100 kHz
  • Current ranges: ±200pA (Gain 2.25GΩ), ±2nA (Gain 225MΩ), ±20nA (Gain 22.5MΩ), ±200nA (Gain 2.25MΩ)
  • Voltage hold range: ±2000mV
  • Parametric voltage protocols in the range of ± 500 mV
  • Max sampling rate: 200 ksps
  • Available bandwidth between 62,5 Hz to 100 KHz
  • Auto electrodes voltage offset fine compensation
  • Continuous Capacitance and Resistance estimation
  • USB powered
  • Size & Weight: 101 x 44 x 18 mm, 140 g