What is the Lipid Bilayer method?

The lipid bilayer is an electrophysiological technique for investigating the function of ion channels, porins, and other pore-forming molecular complexes. The purpose is to study in a control environment ion channels’ behavior at the single molecule level in artificial membranes.

Which product is right for you?


A compact Lipid Bilayer kit for accurate single-channel recordings and teaching activities. It includes one eONE amplifier and all the parts required in a single kit to study ion-channels functional activity.

Nanopore Reader 100 kHz

Miniaturized and portable read-out device with reusable flow-cells for ultra noise recordings of events happening in biological pores.  The flow cell (BLMchip) measures only 15x25x6 mm and is comprised of two 60 µl chambers.

Which one to choose?

Nanopore Reader 100 kHz BLMkit
Purpose Research Teaching activities
Device Compact Amplifier paired with BLM chips Amplifier included in Kit composed by Faraday cage
Septum (pore) Horizontal Vertical
Current Ranges   ±200pA; ±2nA | ±20nA; ±200nA paired with eONE-Plus:      ±200pA; ±2nA | ±20nA; ±200nA

paired with eONE-Light:    ±200pA; ±20nA

Max Bandwidth 100 kHz 100 kHz
Cuvette Volume 60 µl 1 mL
Price ++ +

Custom solutions

If you are interested in developing a multichannel BLM solution, have a look at our eMULTI amplifiers. Let us know how we can help you design the tools and software you need.