We manufacture highly sensitive electronic instrumentation used in biomedical research and nanoparticle analysis

We are an Italian company that designs and produces instrumentation for pico- and nano-scale measurements in the electrochemistry field. Our microchips allow to produce miniaturized devices, affordable and easy-to-use, that enable nanotechnologies to be used in the new generation of portable medical diagnostic devices (Point-of-Care-Testing) and food safety controls.

In this sense we claim “Enabling Technology for Life science“, our logo pay off.

Our amplifiers can acquire and analyze very low ion currents and can be applied in the electrophysiology and electrochemistry field. Ion currents are electric signals flowing through ion channels (nanometric-sized pore-forming proteins on cells membrane). Ion channels are involved in many life processes of cells and are crucial in order to analyze drug impacts on human cells.

Our instrument architecture, beyond the measurements

Our technology is based on custom ASICs (CMOS silicon microchip) that allows ultra-low noise current measurements starting from very low ranges.

What can we do for you?

Recommend devices for your research purposes

Customize microelectronics or software

Provide lectures on relevant applications

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