Company Overview

Elements srl is an innovative Italian SME established in December 2013 that design and produces electronic instrumentation for the pico- and nano-scale measurements in the electrochemistry field, ranging from electrophysiology on live cells to bio- and solid-state nanopore sensing.

Elements technology is based on custom ASICs (CMOS silicon microchip), designed by the company microelectronics engineers Team, that allows ultra-low noise current measurement starting from very low ranges (few hundreds of fA, 10-15Ampere).

Elements microchips allow to produce miniaturized devices, affordable, portable and easy-to-use, that enable nanotechnologies to be used in the new generation of portable medical diagnostic devices (Point-of-Care-Testing) and food safety controls. In this sense we claims Enabling Technology for Life science, our logo pay off.

Elements miniaturized amplifier can acquire and analyze very low ion currents and can be applied in the electrophysiology/electrochemistry field. Ion currents are electric signals flowing through ion channels (nanometric-sized pore-forming proteins on cells membrane). Ion channels are involved in many life processes of cells and are crucial in order to analyze drugs impact on human cells.

During the past years of activity, Elements products have been distributed at a global level in countries such as USA, Japan, People’s Republic of China and most of the European countries. Moreover, Elements collaborates with European leading companies in the electrophysiology field contributing to the innovation of the measurement systems in the automatic electrophysiology field.

Elements was granted in 2014 by the Regione Emilia Romagna for the grant “Bando Startup Innovative – fase uno” for the company starting and in 2019 for the grant “Bando Startup Innovative 2018 – fase due” (read more) for the development of the ePatch project called “Sviluppo di nuove tecnologie elettroniche e microelettroniche per la produzione di strumentazione elettronica da applicarsi all’elettrofisiologia per lo studio dell’azione farmacologica sulle cellule umane e per la diagnostica medica”.

Elements was granted in 2020 by the Regione Emilia Romagna for the grant “FaDeSys4COVID19 – Fast Detection Systems for CoronaVirus Disease 19″ within the action “Bando per sostenere progetti di ricerca ed innovazione per lo sviluppo di soluzioni finalizzate al contrasto dell’epidemia da COVID-19” for the development of an innovative system for fast detection of Sars-CoV-2 in human biological samples. More detalis available here.

Thanks to the excellent UE consortium leaded by the University of Leeds (UK), Elements was granted in 2019 within the ITN “Marie Curie” action for the UE project “Sentinel” about Single Entity Electrochemistry with a fully funded PhD bursary.


Registered office: Viale Europa 596 – 47521 – Cesena (FC) – Italy
CF/P.IVA (VAT id): IT04113900403 – REA: FO – 330331
Codice destinatario: M5UXCR1
Fully paid-in share capital: 13.770,46
Phone: +39 0547 482983
Fax: +39 0547 1791163