BLM kit

A compact and complete educational kit for accurate electrophysiological recordings.
Especially designed for teaching activities. The kit includes all the tools for fast screening of ion-channels functional activity in lipid environments.

Why to choose the BLM kit?

Miniaturized – Without bulky setup you can start doing experiments on your desk

User friendly – Stable membranes can be easily formed to study ion channels or toxin properties

Teaching activities – Especially designed to enable students to learn electrophysiology basis on lipid bilayer properties, membrane protein study and ion channel analysis

What is inside?

The kit is contained into a 16 x 10 x 5 cm Faraday cage and includes:

  • eONE amplifier (Light or Plus version)
  • Recording chamber made by two 1 ml Delrin cuvettes with electrode input
  • EDR software with real-time analysis
  • Additional tools: a set of laser drilled telfon or polyimide membranes, with holes size of 50, 80, 100, 110, 150, 200 µm; Paint brush, Ag wires, electrode connectors to plug the eOne amplifier.

How to perform a Lipid Bilayer experiment using the BLM kit?

Material Teflon Teflon Teflon Polyimide Polyimide Polyimide
Thickness 50 µm 50 µm 50 µm 50 µm 50 µm 50 µm
Hole size Ø 50 µm 80 µm 110 µm 100 µm 150 µm 200 µm
Typ. BLM capacitance (pF) 7 – 9 18 – 28 25 – 50 20 – 40 35 – 90 45 – 140
Max theoretical capacitance* 9.82 25.13 47.52 39.27 88.36 157.08

*considering 0,5 µF/cm2 spec. cap.)

Custom device development

Let us know how we can help you design the tools and software you need.