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Elements s.r.l. is a start-up company in the microelectronics field established in December 2013 producing high accuracy miniaturized measurement instrumentation for nanosensors analysis, especially electrophysiology.
In two years of activities Elements products have been distributed at a global level in countries such as USA, China and most of the European countries. Moreover, Elements collaborates with research centers and European leading companies in the electrophysiology field, contributing to the innovation of the measurement systems available in the market.


Elements technology is based on the microelectronic design of custom microchip (ASIC) using standard and low-cost CMOS process. Several years of experience in the microelectronic design applied to biosensing devices give to Elements team a unique and exclusive advantage in very low amplitude signal readout.

Elements microchips can measure currents in the picoAmpere (10-12 A) range with bandwidths up to hundreds of kHz thanks to the deep knowledge reached by Elements in single- and multi-channel signal acquisition of very low amplitude signals, low power management techniques, analog-to-digital conversion and digital data elaboration.


The team skills come from several years of university research in microelectronic design and system miniaturization. The team is composed of five partners with experience in complementary fields, such as:
- microelectronics design
- digital signal processing
- system design
- software development
- bio-nanosensor technology
- financial administration
- biophysics

Federico Thei, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Is the team leader and marketing strategist. He has expertise in prototype development and system design, from microelectronics to digital signal elaboration. He has more than seven years of research experience in the University of Bologna's Electronic Engineering department, where he also acquired organizational and complex project planning skills.

Marco Bennati, M.Sc.

Chief Technical Officer

Is a microelectronic designer who has more than seven years of experience in very low-noise analog and mixed-signal microelectronic design. He has also skills in software programming in several languages.

Michele Rossi, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Has a biomedical engineering background. His seven years of experience include designing and developing various bio-nanosensors portable measurement devices, as well as conducting laboratory experiments. During his Ph.D. he developed and tested miniaturized electronic interfaces for ion channels, solid-state nanopores and nanowire-based sensors.

Francesca Manzoni, M.B.A.

Chief Financial Officer

Has several years of expertise in the administration of large non-profit companies, specializing in fundraising and social project design.

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