The new tiny amplifier designed for high quality patch clamp recordings in both voltage clamp and current clamp modes

The low-noise amplifier, the pulse generator and the digitizer are included within the small headstage (only 42 x 18 x 78 mm) that can be directly installed to the micromanipulator mounting plate and powered by the USB port of a laptop without the need of any external bulky digitizer and control unit.


EZ Patch - the new ePatch software interface

EZ Patch software is the new patch-clamp electrophysiology software developed and released by Elements for easy control of the ePatch amplifier. EZ Patch allows:

  • Customizable user-friendly Windows-format interface
  • Real-time display of voltage and current digitized data
  • Parametric voltage protocols editor
  • Automatic or manual control of compensation settings
  • Membrane parameters estimation to keep track of cell health
  • Real-time data analysis (C-fast – estimation, noise, I/V graph, current histogram, etc.)
  • Digital LabBook
  • Data output saving formats: .abf
  • Available for Windows and Mac OS

Discover how easy it is to use of EZ Patch by watching the demo videos in the Videos section below.

How to connect ePatch in a typical patch-clamp setup

ePatch is avalable in two versions, one designed for both voltage clamp and current clamp modes, the other dedicated to the voltage-clamp mode only.

Technical specifications Voltage Clamp

  • Open input (RMS) noise: 115 fA rms @ 1 kHz – 460 fA rms @ 10 kHz – 3.6 pA rms @ 100 kHz
  • Current ranges: ±200 pA (Gain 2.25 GΩ), ±2 nA (Gain 225 MΩ), ±20 nA (Gain 22.5 MΩ), ±200 nA (Gain 2.25 MΩ)
  • Parametric voltage protocols for pulse generator in the range of ± 500 mV
  • C fast compensation range: 0-11 pF
  • C slow comepensation range: C in 0-250 pF – Tau in 0-2500 μs
  • R series compensation range: 0-100 MΩ
  • Auto electrodes voltage offset fine compensation
  • Zap pulse

Technical specifications Current Clamp

  • Input (RMS) noise: 11 μV rms @ 625 kHz – 23 μV rms @ 10 kHz – 350 μV rms @ 100 kHz
  • Parametric current protocols for pulse generator in the range of ±2.5 nA (res. 0.2 pA) and ±100 nA (res. 10 pA)
  • Voltage range: ±700 mV
  • Pipette neutralization range: 0-31 pF
  • Bridge Balance compensation range: 0-40 MΩ
  • True-zero current mode

Other technical specifications

  • Available bandwidth between 62,5 Hz to 100 KHz
  • Max sampling rate: 200 ksps
  • Data output format .abf
  • USB powered
  • Dovetail or rod bar mounting
  • Size & Weight: 42 x 18 x 78 mm, 200 g

NOTE: EDR Episodic is replaced by EZ Patch since 07-2019. If you bought your ePatch before this date contact info@elements-ic.com to get a firmware update.