The new tiny amplifier designed for high quality patch clamp recordings in both voltage clamp and current clamp modes

The low-noise amplifier, the pulse generator and the digitizer are included within the small headstage (only 42 x 18 x 78 mm) that can be directly installed to the micromanipulator mounting plate and powered by the USB port of a laptop without the need of any external bulky digitizer and control unit.


EZ Patch - the new ePatch software interface

EZ Patch software is the new patch-clamp electrophysiology software developed and released by Elements for easy control of the ePatch amplifier. EZ Patch allows:

  • Customizable user-friendly Windows-format interface
  • Real-time display of voltage and current digitized data
  • Parametric voltage protocols editor
  • Automatic or manual control of compensation settings
  • Membrane parameters estimation to keep track of cell health
  • Real-time data analysis (C-fast – estimation, noise, I/V graph, current histogram, etc.)
  • Digital LabBook
  • Data output saving formats: .abf
  • Available for Windows and Mac OS

Discover how easy it is to use EZ Patch by watching the demo videos in the Videos section below.

How to connect ePatch in a typical patch-clamp setup

Technical specifications Voltage Clamp

  • Open input (RMS) noise: 300 fA rms @ 625 Hz – 1.5 pA rms @ 10 kHz – 12 pA rms @ 100 kHz
  • Current ranges: ±200 pA (Gain 2.25 GΩ), ±2 nA (Gain 225 MΩ), ±20 nA (Gain 22.5 MΩ), ±200 nA (Gain 2.25 MΩ)
  • Parametric voltage protocols for pulse generator in the range of ±500 mV
  • C fast compensation range: 0-11 pF
  • C slow comepensation range: C in 0-250 pF – Tau in 0-2500 μs
  • R series compensation range: 0-25 MΩ
  • Auto electrodes voltage offset fine compensation
  • Zap pulse

Technical specifications Current Clamp

  • Input (RMS) noise: 11 μV rms @ 625 Hz – 22 μV rms @ 10 kHz – 350 μV rms @ 100 kHz
  • Parametric current protocols for pulse generator in the range of ±2.5 nA (res. 0.2 pA) and ±100 nA (res. 10 pA)
  • Voltage range: ±700 mV
  • Pipette neutralization range: 0-31 pF
  • Bridge Balance compensation range: 0-40 MΩ
  • True-zero current mode

Other technical specifications

  • Available bandwidth between 625 Hz to 100 kHz
  • Max sampling rate: 200 ksps
  • Data output format .abf
  • USB powered
  • Dovetail or rod bar mounting
  • Available 0-5V programmable digital output
  • Size & Weight: 42 x 18 x 78 mm, 200 g

NOTE: EDR Episodic is replaced by EZ Patch since 07-2019. If you bought your ePatch before this date contact info@elements-ic.com to get a firmware update.