Miniaturized multichannel amplifiers to simultaneously measure 4 or 16 current channels. Improve your data throughput in your lipid bilayer or nanopore experiments at supreme signal to noise ratios.


4 channels amplifier

16 channels amplifier

Miniaturize your device

Do you need more channels but want to maintain a compact device?
Ask our experts how to interface the eMULTI in order to meet your needs.

EDR Interface

4 channels EDR interface

16 channels EDR interface

  • Open input (RMS) noise:
    • 180 fA rms @ 1 kHz
    • 800 fA rms @ 10 kHz
    • 6.3 pA rms @ 100 kHz
  • Current ranges: ±200pA (Gain 2.25GΩ), ±2nA (Gain 225MΩ), ±20nA (Gain 22.5MΩ), ±200nA (Gain 2.25MΩ)
  • Max sampling rate: 200 ksps
  • Parametric voltage protocols for pulse generator in the range of ± 500 mV
  • Voltage hold potential individually editable on each channel in the range of ± 500 mV
  • Auto electrodes voltage offset fine compensation
  • Continuous C-membrane and R-seal estimation
  • Zap pulse
  • Digital filters: cutoff frequencies in the range between 62.5 Hz and 100 kHz
  • USB powered (only 4 channels version)
  • 4 channels or 16 channels input, “no input multiplexed”

Custom device development

Interested in our eMulti product line but looking for an instrument more tailored for your application?

With our custom ASIC design technology we can help you configure specific tools and solutions for your applications.