Nanopore Reader 10 MHz

The Nanopore reader 10 MHz is the world’s first 10 MHz amplifier for nanopore research.
It is a compact and integrated read-out device with reusable flow-cells for high bandwidth measurements of solid state nanopores and nanoparticle detection.

Why to choose the Nanopore Reader 10 MHz?


Bandwidth – The high bandwidth allows to investigate electrophysiological events lasting less than hundreds of nanoseconds


Versatile – The amplifier is suitable for experimental activities such as, DNA translocation, single molecule detection or channel recordings…


User friendly – Tools free, just insert the flow cell in the device

They say about us – “… the full 10 MHz bandwidth and 40 Msps sampling rate, combined with ±100nA of dynamic range, is what sets this instrument apart from others as it offers an unprecedented opportunity to study details of fast biomolecular translocations using the entire range of solidstate nanopore chips”

Read the full review from Northern Nanopore Instruments here

What is inside?

The device is miniaturized (77 x 87 x 40 mm) and includes:

  • Headstage
  • Data acquisition unit
  • 10 MHz controller software
  • Nanopore Flowcell

Custom device development

With our custom ASIC design technology we can help you configure specific tools and solutions for your applications.

Let us know how we can help you design the tools and software you need.