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eONE – Miniaturized One-Channel Amplifier

The world’s smallest low-cost current amplifier for nanopores and single-channel electrophysiology applications. eONE is a complete, USB-powered, one-channel data acquisition system. It incorporates the low noise amplifier, the digitizer and filters, and the voltage stimulus generator, all in a very small footprint (only 30x15x74mm). It is suitable for research and educational activities which use bilayer lipid membranes (BLM) or whole cells.

A small, easy-to-use, USB plug ‘n play system for acquiring very low-current signals!

eONE Features

NEW: Parametric triangular wave

The last eONE's firmware version also features the parametric triangular wave voltage protocol to increase the measurable capacitance range and to improve the protocol capabilities. Contact us to update your eONE device!

Simple experimental setup

How to connect eONE in a typical electrophysiology setup

Which eONE has the characteristics you need?

eONE is available in four different versions


  • The new eONE-XV amplifier inherit all the features of the HS with an extended voltage stimulus range (±1,65 V) and a new voltage protocol particularly suited for cyclic voltammetry.
  • This amplifier is suitable for SS-nanopores, nanoelectrodes studies as well as electrochemistry experiments.
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