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BLM Educational Kit

A compact and complete BLM educational kit for accurate electrophysiological recordings. The kit includes the eONE amplifier, the EDR software with real-time analysis and all the tools for fast screening of ion-channels functional activity in lipid environments.

The kit is contained into a 16 x 10 x 5 cm Faraday cage and includes:
• a recording chamber made by two 1 ml Delrin cuvette with electrode input;
• a set of laser drilled Teflon membranes with fixed hole size of 50, 80, 110 µm;
• paint brush, Ag wires, electrode connectors to plug the eONE amplifier.

A large number of standard experiments can be performed using the BLM Kit. Stable membranes can be easily formed to study ion channels or toxin property. Without bulky setup you can start doing BLM experiments on your desk. The BLM Kit is especially designed for teaching activities and lab experiences, to enable students to learn electrophysiology basis on Lipid Bilayers properties, membrane protein study and ion channels analysis.

BLM Kit User's Guide

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