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Orbit mini - World's only 'hand-held' four-channel bilayer setup

Thanks to the collaboration with Nanion Technologies and Ionera, the Orbit mini, the world's only handheld four-channel bilayer setup, has been developed. The core of the system is eFOUR, the smallest four-channel, USB-powered, current amplifier designed and produced by Elements.

Orbit mini tutorial video

Orbit mini - a good example of technological partnership

eFOUR - Elements four-channel amplifier

eFOUR is a miniaturized four-channel amplifier with the same features of eONE amplifier, allowing low noise recordings at high bandwidth without the need for any additional equipment.

EDR - Elements data Reader software interface

The user-friendly software interface provides digital control of the system, and displays data acquisition in real time. Input current ranges, sampling rate, filters, voltage stimulus, and automatic electrode voltage offset compensation can all be easily selected and modified.
Data can be stored in different formats (pClamp®, Matlab®, text).
EDR is currently available for Windows and for OS X.

MECA4 – Ionera four-channel bilayer measurement chamber

The MECA4 recording chip from Ionera is a ready-to-use measurement chamber with 4 microelectrode cavities (MECs) and an embedded counter electrode. Bilayers can be manually painted over each individual microcavity to give you the highest flexibility in experimental design. The MECA4 has been validated with a number of different ion channels including KcsA, gramicidin, α-hemolysin, Kv1.3, Nav etc.